About me

Hey, my name’s Roman. I was born in 1997 in a rather small, but spectacular country in the heart of Europe – Slovakia. I’ve been always eager to explore every green forest, walk up all the mountains and sneak into all the abandoned ruins I’ve stumbled upon. I just loved adventure since I can remember.

This pursuit of adventures made me join the Scouts organization when I was in a third grade. It taught me all kinds of skills like setting a fire, surviving in the woods and how to pack up for a week long trip. Scouting made me experience tons of crazy, funny and maybe a little dangerous experiences. It helped me to form lifelong friendships and made my passion for adventures even stronger. These days I don’t actively participate with the Scouts anymore, as I went to study to another country. However, I still go to the mountains and forests whenever I have a chance to. (And taking pics of everything and anything.)

Staring down the Savin Kuk (2322m), Montenegro

At the moment, I am studying Computer Science at Masaryk University in Brno, Czech republic. I’m trying my best to not be the typical stereotype kind of IT guy who sits at his computer all day. Putting many hours into studying made me realize, how prescious the free time is and that it shouldn’t be wasted. That’s all what this blog is about. Turn off the television, stop scrolling your facebook feed and just get out there and actually live your life!

I know. It’s easier said than done. If you need some motivation or know-how on traveling around the world with little to no money, or you’re just looking for some strange, unusual, but interesting places to explore, you’ve found the right blog.

Me and my pretty girlfriend Viki, enjoying a cold one in Lublin, Poland.